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Our History:

A gap existed in the community in terms of an athletic outlet for youth to participate in, especially one that united Muslim and non-Muslim youths and young adults from varying cultural and ethnic communities.  This athletic and multicultural gap was identified and addressed in 2002 through the 1st Annual I-Slam Basketball Tournament held in March at the Crescent School in Toronto.

I-Slam is committed to continue on the initial progress that was made and to expand to include continuing events.  Currently, I-Slam's portfolio consists of the annual Toronto and Australia tournaments, bi-annual basketball leagues in Mississauga and the Scarborough, and youth skill development clinics, events for girls and women, and pick-up basketball in Mississauga.

The annual tournament is specifically organized during the March break to maximize participation amongst the youth during their March break. Through its marketing efforts and word-of-mouth, I-Slam has been able to consistently draw 40 teams with approximately 400 players involved from wide ranging multicultural backgrounds.  In response to the demand from both tournament participants and the community, I-Slam expanded its activities and began organizing basketball leagues in 2003.

I-Slam has been designed to be a major branded athletic enterprise comprised primarily of annual events, initiated by various community organizations, that Muslim and non-Muslim youth and young adults of all communities can count on, and just as importantly look forward to, occurring each and every year.

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Our Objective:

To fulfill a community need by fostering involvement and promoting a sense of community and good relations amongst youth and young adults of both Muslim and non-Muslim backgrounds, and the surrounding community in the context of multicultural athletic events.

Using multicultural athletic events as a vehicle to achieve these goals is relevant as it promotes social interaction, cultural integration, teamwork, co-operation, communication, and a sense of accomplishment amongst the participants.  

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Our Goals:

  • To provide an affordable venue that promotes interaction between youths and young adults of various Muslim and non-Muslim communities, especially those considered at risk (defined as minorities/low income).
  • To provide a positive environment and respite for youths from negative peer pressures, criminal propensities, dysfunctional families, and other environmental or socio-economic factors.
  • To promote physical health, welfare, and maintenance as important components to an overall healthy lifestyle.
  • To provide a forum in which youths can be mentored in terms of spiritual and physical knowledge by respected individuals within various communities in the context of a common interest through various guest speakers and workshops.
  • To encourage youths and young adults to become comfortable and involved in activities they may not feel qualified to participate in otherwise through various volunteering opportunities.
  • Through volunteer opportunities, providing youths and young adults the responsibilities and skills that they can develop to achieve success and confidence in future endeavours.
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The following individuals have been essential in enabling the success of I-Slam in its endeavors. These people have never been promised anything in return, but consistently help simply because they enjoy the work and believe in I-Slam and its initiatives. Without their tireless volunteering and help, I-Slam's various events would never have succeeded. I-Slam would like to acknowledge them and thank them for all their efforts.  Also, if at any time during your participation in an I-Slam event you have the privilege to meet one of them, please thank them as well, for without their help, you would not have something to participate in. May Allah reward them for their efforts. 

  • Mohsin Mian
  • Jawwad Butt
  • Ibrahim Baig
  • Farhan Baig
  • Ali Shahid
  • Ahmed Nulla
  • Aazar Zafar
  • Rayhan Taqiuddin
  • Omar Kalair
  • Saud Juman
  • Zahid Merchant
  • Nadeem Memon
  • Shah Zafar
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