I-SLAM Community Outreach Program (I.C.O.P.) Sept.1, 2007

Qutaadah said: "O son of Adam, if you do not want to do any good except when you have the energy for it, then your nature is more inclined towards boredom and laziness. The true believer is the one who pushes himself."

I-Slam's Community Outreach Program (I.C.O.P.) evolved from the realization of the organizers, and the input of its participants, that I-Slam's objectives and goals could not only be achieved through organizing athletic events, but by also using these athletic events as a way to expose young and eager participants to the social needs of their immediate and surrounding communities.

I.C.O.P. uses a 5-pronged approach to raise social awareness amongst, and encourage participation by, I-Slam players:

  • FINANCIAL AID: When funding permits, I.C.O.P. offers paid opportunities for youth to aid in leagues and/or apply for education-based bursaries.

  • ONLINE RESOURCES: These resources include links related to Islam, alternative news, advocacy, education, human rights, professional mentorship, etc and provide an insight into the diversity of opinions within the Muslim community.

  • CHARITABLE EVENTS (news, pictures): Players have participated in Habitat for Humanity, walk-a-thon and purchasing clothing for Toronto 's homeless, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

  • COMMUNITY INTERACTION: Players have participated in exhibition events between the Muslim, Police, Chinese, and other communities.

  • ROLE MODELS: Guest speakers have included NBA-great Hakeem Olajuwon, The Honourable Mary Anne Chambers (Minister of Children and Youth Services), and Reverend Don Meredith of the GTA Faith Alliance.

I-Slam encourages you all to go through these web pages and familiarize yourself with I.C.O.P. and to give us suggestions and feedback as to what other initiatives we should promote and pursue.


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