I-Slam 2010/11 League Award Winners Mar.2, 2011

I-Slam is pleased to announce this season's award winners, listed below (click on their names to view their season's stats). Awards will be distributed at 1pm on Sunday March 13, 2011 between the I-Slam semi-finals and championship game.

I-Slam 2010/11 All-Star Game at ACC Mar.2, 2011

I-Slam is pleased to announce that this season, we held the I-Slam all-star game on the Toronto Raptors court at the Air Canada Center on Friday February 25th 2011.

This year had an additional twist in that we played against the Hamilton Muslim Basketball Association's all-stars. Not only did we win in a great game, with many fans in attendance, but OMNI's South Asian News team was present and recorded a segment which can be viewed at http://ontario.omninews.ca/index.php?language=1. Select the February 25th, 2011 episode under the South Asian News tab; our coverage begins at the 16:45 mark.

I-Slam's All-Star Team:

  1. Sherif Shehata (pg)
  2. Sanel Sehic (pg/sg)
  3. Mustafa Abdool-Karim (sg)
  4. Waleed E. (pf/c)
  5. Zakariya Khan (sf)
  6. Ezra Prollamante (pf)
  7. Fareed Cheema (sf)
  8. Bobby Bitos (pf/c)
  9. Hussain Shivji (c)


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