2016/17 Mississauga Tier 1 League

Jan.1, 2017

The 2016-2017 Regular Season

The season returns with Twelve teams in competition for the Tier-1 Championship, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for breaking updates.


Top Performers In The Past Week

Point Leaders
Ammer Askary41
Ammer Askary32
Mike Jacobs21
Usman Chaudhry20
Rihard Suler15
Rebound Leaders
Mike Jacobs14
Abdul-Rehman Khan10
Vikram Singh10
Abdul-Rehman Khan9
Ammer Askary9
3PM Leaders
Ammer Askary6
Ammer Askary5
Mohamed Kadva3
Neil Sehra3
Usman Chaudhry2


Weekly Recaps

Website Updates

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